The Leviathans of Speed.

The Leviathans.

Have you ever sat in front of the Gogglebox (D-Telly) watching an old race from Le Mans or perhaps like me you were watching  the great Fangio blasting along on the Mille Miglia.

As you watch,  you begin to think wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could travel back in time and see and hear these cars…Nay! These Leviathans of Speed in action.

Well unfortunately I don’t have a Time-Machine, but the Irish Hillclimb & Sprint Championship features some of the most magnificent examples of  Race Cars from yesteryear and if you think these folks drive like little-old-ladies well you are in for a shock!

Pictured above are three of these magnificent Titans of Tarmac featuring  Ed Cassidy and his magnificent 1935 Iona special that makes the most glorious sound when driven in anger by Ed.

Watching Ed drive the socks off this priceless example of motorsport history is a real nerve jangling affair and at times the car comes perilously close to the scenery as you watch Ed wrestle with the big steering wheel  as if its just a gentle Sunday drive.

Did you know that some of the finest examples of Historic race cars are currently being raced on the hills and race tracks of Ireland?  And they are worth having a closer look at not only because of their beauty but because when they race its like 1935 all over again and you need only close your eyes and you are there.

So why not stop by the Paddock and see these magnificent machines for yourself and have a chat with the drivers. They are always delighted to talk about the car and its race history.

Come along to Ballyvaughan in April to see…To hear, and to watch these Leviathans of Speed Race Ar nós na gaoithe (as fast as the wind) in the beautiful Burren.

Click on the image above to view more of these wonderful cars in action…