Irish Festival of Speed

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Some of the finest Automotive Porn was on show this weekend at the Irish Festival of Speed in the grounds of Adare Manor, we witnessed grown men crying into their wallets, while still more prayed for a win on the Euro Millions. So that they might be able to purchase some of the exotic machinery on show.



The Irish Festival of Speed was possibly the greatest historical automotive event ever held on the Island of Ireland, almost a hundred years of Motorsport History was on display, and raced during the event. These  eloquent ladies of Motorsport gave us a glimpse of the past, usually only seen behind a rope in a museum. Owners and drivers were only to happy to answer questions from the public. Children were delighted to have their picture taken in theses rare cars.



The Irish Hillclimb competitors put on a excellent show for the spectators, but it was plain to see that Hillclimb Champion Simon McKinley was the favourite, Simon took to the Escort and gave them what they wanted. Loads of sideways action percolated with plumes of tyre smoke. In the Lant, He showed just why he is champion, his speed was incredible everywhere on the track, I am beginning to think there are no breaks on his car. And if it has breaks, Simon never uses them.



But it was not all about Racing, all around The Manor grounds Owner clubs & their member cars were on display, Alfa Romeo, Mini's, BMW, Fords etc were all there, owners were busy chatting, swapping stories of their cars. 


  Some of the finest examples of modern sport cars were also in attendance too, Ferrari's, Aston Martins etc drew crowds around them, but few would have a wallet deep enough to afford one of these modern marvels of engineering. But all is not lost, Heritage Sports Cars had a sample of their  Cars on display, and you can Hire A Ferrari from €250 with insurance included. And spend a day experiencing what it would be like to own one. Gatso Camera Tickets extra!!




As the day drew to a close, we looked back one more time to relish the very sight of this gathering and ponder its historical significance.

Pictures from the event are in the Gallery, Video will be added later...



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